Electronic Waste Removal & Destruction

Scheme recycling drop off points and recycling events will gradually roll out over the next few months in areas in metropolitan, regional and remote America. Locations and timing of drop off points are determined and organized by industry-run recycling arrangements, funded by the television and computer industry. Contact eRecure for further details of recycling services.


The Television and Computer Recycling Scheme involves a combination of government regulation and industry action to take responsibility for the collection and recycling of waste televisions, computers, printers and computer products. Under the Scheme, householders and public can drop-off these items for free at designated access points, which may include permanent collection sites, take-back events or through a mail-back option.


eRecure ASSET MANAGEMENT – Recyclers of e-waste and redundant IT assets. We recycle computers and all forms of IT equipment and peripherals regardless of age, specification or condition (working & non working) and work to prevent e-waste items from entering landfill. We re-use as much of the materials as possible in our endeavor to support people through our low cost Community IT Sales & Services areas. eRecure’s Recycle IT Collection Service includes secure data wiping. If you are a business with surplus IT equipment, we have a Computer Recycling Collection service that collects computers and IT equipment from all over America. Email or phone to arrange a collection.


Americans are among the highest users of new technology in the world and purchase over 200 million computers every year. This makes electronic waste or e-waste, including computers and accessories, a growing problem. Computers are ideal for recycling due to their large volumes, inclusion of hazardous materials, and good resource recovery potential for non-renewable resources like tin, nickel, zinc and copper.


eRecure is a free e-waste recycling service, representing hundreds of America’s leading technology manufacturers. eRecure is committed to setting the standard for responsible e-waste recycling. Find recycling options for other electrical items including CRT, printer cartridges and mobile phones.


Every year Americans purchase millions of computers and related components to replace equipment superseded by faster and more powerful technologies. In last decade an estimated 150 million computers and televisions reached the end of their useful life in America. By 2030, this figure is predicted to reach 600 million.


Computers contain other hazardous materials that need to be disposed of responsibly. When disposed to landfill, the materials and chemical components used to make computer equipment such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic can leach into the soil and groundwater, causing harm to our environment and human populations. What happens when Computers are recycled?


Computers and accessories that are in working order can often be refurbished with new software and some replacement parts. These repackaged computers are generally made available to low-income communities, individuals and community organizations. Electronic waste that is collected for recycling generally undergoes a manual dismantling process. The individual materials such as printed circuit boards, cabling, glass and plastics are recovered and then processed so that they can be used as raw materials to produce new products.


eRecure takes full ownership of the entire collection, data erasing and recycling process guaranteeing responsive service and communication. E-Waste is a big issue amongst American households with many old computers going into landfill. As part of eRecure environmental commitment, we are helping to recycle electronic waste through our Recycle and Reward Program.


You can recycle any brand of Laptops, Notebooks or Desktops, All-In-One Desktops for recycling. It’s easy to recycle with eRecure.


With over a decade experience in IT asset management and a dedicated team in facilities, eRecure is your best choice when it comes to IT Asset Management services. We perform integration of new assets, removal of old assets, remarketing of usable assets, Warehousing, packing for transport, refurbishment, storage and redeployment, load SOE, reverse logistics, prompt cash settlement, asset tagging, asset audit, charitable donation, Distribution & Installation, hardware testing, compliance and audit reporting, certified data sanitization, tailored online reporting, on-site technical support, certified environmental disposal, remarketing over 650,000 assets annually.


With annual processing of more than 650,000 items, eRecure is America’s largest remarketer and selling of Notebooks, PC’s, Workstations, Monitors, Network Products & Servers, Laser Printers, and Copiers. We are excellent buyers and pass the benefits on to our customers, guaranteeing a reliable supply chain of the best new and E-o-L product. At eRecure, we understand our buyers and deliver:


1) Better margins to your business than from any clone product

2) A consistent supply-chain of warranted stock from a wide range of appropriate product suited to your market

3) Help in your selling, with roll-on marketing support for your buyers

4) Full manufacturers’ warranties on new and ex demo product

5) eRecure Warranties on refurbished and End-of-Lease product


Our onsite PC audit services deliver reliable base-line hardware asset data to clients looking to establish or validate IT asset registers. IT Asset details are scanned into system and uploaded daily into customized IT asset databases. With over decade of experience of projects involving many thousands of PC assets and multiple sites around the country, eRecure can help you clean up your IT asset register and lower your overall IT asset management costs.


eRecure will remove all nominated old IT asset from desks, take them directly to the loading dock and transport the IT hardware from your premises. For metro refreshes, we will load the old IT assets onto our customized trolleys, minimizing the overall time we spend at your premises. For regional and remote locations, old IT assets will be palletized ready for collection. Wherever possible we will remove all old assets on the day of the installation leaving no trace of packaging waste or old IT assets after we have gone.


Using our REFRESH Easy process, there is no need to physically separate owned from leased IT assets onsite. We will simply take all IT assets and process them separately according to your requirements at our warehouse. eRecure can provide secure data sanitization services onsite. Please refer to Secure HDD Data Destruction for details.

Once the assets have been delivered to us, they will be checked into our IT asset tracking/warehouse system. All IT assets will be transported into our modern facilities. Each asset will be unpacked and registered onto our system. Individual barcode labels will be generated to manage each IT asset through our process.


The following details will be captured:

IT Asset numbers and/or serial numbers

Product classification (e.g. monitor, CPU, Laptop)



From arrival at our loading dock, eRecure digital Logistics and Inventory Warehouse system tracks every IT asset through registration, testing, cleaning, refurbishment, repair, warranty, recycling and/or asset remarketing.


The IT assets will then be taken to the next stage of our process where our engineers will test and inspect them. The following details will be captured:


PC Asset processor speed


PC H/D size

PC Media type

PC Screen type

PC Fault description (if any)


All these details will be captured electronically and updated instantaneously into our IT asset tracking/warehouse system. eRecure inspects and tests all IT assets on receipt unless they are obviously of no value. On completion of this testing, each asset will have its detailed condition noted against it.


IT Asset values are reduced if the IT asset fails inspection and testing in any of the following three areas:

IT Asset External condition / appearance

IT Asset Completeness (the extent to which all original components are still intact)

IT Asset Operability


This process will take no longer than few days, at which point we will send a comprehensive report for each individual load detailing all assets received per load.

eRecure provides a range of disk wiping solutions. Hard drives can be wiped at your premises or ours, using your preferred tools or those that we recommend. eRecure writes the log files of all disks we wipe to a secure server as part of our Quality Accredited processes. Clients can choose from multiple pass wipes (in accordance with DoD standards) through to a physical drilling or shredding of the drives. eRecure is pleased to advise those clients who do not have a clear preference. eRecure provides Certification that all drives picked have been wiped in accordance with the standards agreed by our clients. eRecure will remarket all assets that test OK and have a value in the used wholesale market. Our extensive re-marketing experience and network of business partners and accredited buyers in America and overseas ensures you will receive the maxim return on all valuable assets.


Depending on asset condition and instructions from the client, eRecure’s refurbishment services range from the simple test and clean through to comprehensive cleaning, data scrubbing, repairs, memory upgrades, software rebuilds, specific user re-imaging, and Warranty. eRecure’s Warranty service on assets is our guarantee of Quality Assurance for all stock at resale or re-deployment. Many large computer users have a mix of leased and owned assets, and in some cases less than perfect information about where these assets are deployed and in what quantities. This presents real problems when it comes time to refresh the assets.


Using our recycling process, clients simply provide a copy of their master lease file and leave eRecure with the process of identifying and reporting the leased assets, and finally returning them the lessor. eRecure takes its e-Waste responsibilities seriously. All assets deemed to be unusable in their present form are data-wiped and dismantled with all components separated into bins. These are then passed onto our partner companies who reuse or specialize in the remanufacture of these materials. eRecure can eliminate any of your material going to landfill.

Electronic Waste Removal & Destruction


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