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eRecure’s remarkable e-Cycle business is driving the e-waste administration industry. We offer far reaching end-to-end administrations running from migration, establishment, equipment revives, information purification, transfers and esteem recuperation after re-promoting. We comprehend the significance of meeting customer administration level duties and guarantee that pre and post calendars are met.

Our procedure include:

Appraisal and Recommendation. eRecure customers make inclination with strong certainty and confirmation. The assessment group conveys solid benchmark for your end of life or lease IT equipment reusing venture. Earlier initiating, we generally give intensive on location or accessible if the need arises scope of choices to help managing your electronic waste and recouping the most astounding dollar esteem by re-showcasing taking into account what thing is accomplishing in the business sector with a money related conviction.

Across the country Logistics. eRecure gathers and handles the gear across the country. The EOL IT resources are expelled from customer work areas and safely stuffed for safe travel. Premium pressing material and strategies are utilized so every thing is sheltered and sound while transportation. Things are stacked onto our altered trolleys, minimizing the general time we spend at your premises. Once gathered your benefits we are exclusively in charge of securing equipment and the secret information inside hard drives.

Store and Hold. To help our customers, we gather the IT gear, store and clutch it. This helps them disposing of electronic waste in auspicious way and complete reusing handle later. Upon further guidelines from customers the apparatus is examined and digitally gone into our secured web following entrance, making requests and pressing as needs be. Just snap Book A Pickup join above.

Different Ways For Disposal. Customers adjust and modify IT equipment decommission administration as indicated by their ease and solace. Our prepared and committed staff safely close down, set up your ICT frameworks for cycling and transfer. Approach our staff for different reusing choices.

Resource Management. Our built up new innovation upheld and present day distribution centers are taking a shot at recording, filtering and registering things electronically with our licensed online framework ePortal: (eRecure Asset Tracking and Warehousing System). Any Serial numbers, resource labels and different stickers from customer are evacuated and devastated so as to secure the starting point of the things. New Individual standardized identification names are created and appended to deal with every unit for further preparing. Secured online ePortal framework empowers customer to track the entire procedure and access reports round the clock.

Information and Physical Destruction. Safely dealing with your secret information and data on the hard drives all through its lifecycle, is critical to guaranteeing your data is annihilated mindfully. eRecure changed the HDD information demolition industry with improved following abilities all through the procedure and offers an assortment of secure information decimation administrations to help you legitimately wreck out of date and touchy data. Dry eradication of HDD is connected with ISO 9001 affirmed and a la mode programming blancco and ZeroData involving 3-pass, 7-pass and DoD 5220.22-M wipe design. Destroying and boring does Physical Destruction of HDD and other stockpiling gadgets to government security norms and an organized Certificate of Destruction is given.

Re-showcasing and Value Return. Esteem recuperation is a key segment of our e-Cycle administration. Our business channel guarantee full fulfillment, consolation with our administrations and guarantee the best money related return. eRecure worldwide nearness helps giving the most noteworthy money related return and guarantee reliable innovation administrations. The apparatus regarded to be not working in their present structure are information wiped, destroyed and reused in environment neighborly way being ensured strict adherence to zero-to-landfill.

eRecure is proficient, learned and spurred corporate. Our group endeavors to manage our group by getting included and giving back. Through our overall system of workplaces and accomplices, we give powerful ICT acquirement and guarantee predictable innovation benefits internationally. Our administrations and system will keep on growing to give further accommodation and a one-stop shop answer for our customers around the world. As a dependable and experienced merchant with offices and frameworks to meet ecological, wellbeing and security needs, we give responsibility and control of the whole transfer and reusing prepare at last relieving risk and giving true serenity to our customers across the country. We perceive the earnest needs of sparing environment in our office with cutting edge advancements and applications under Government rules. We see each association has distinctive requirements when managing e-waste.

eRecure is devoted to staying up and coming on the main edge of a quickly developing industry. Our central goal is to advantage and move others to be socially dependable in the transfer of electronic waste. Our business arrangements help organizations who need to react to the test of arranging and conveying IT items reusing in an unpredictable and changing business environment. Working with groups in both IT and business divisions, we can convey the best result for our customers. We do this by recognizing the most vital business result we have to convey, then by planning the projects of work that will effect of procedures, individuals and innovation. eRecure is committed to staying avant-garde on the main edge of a quickly developing industry. Our central goal is to advantage and motivate others to be socially mindful in the transfer of electronic waste. We help organizations who need to react to the test of arranging and conveying IT items reusing in a mind boggling and changing business environment.

eRecure gives reusing of e-waste and repetitive IT resources free across the nation. We are specialists in Computer Recycling and Secure IT Asset Disposal. We reuse PCs, all types of IT hardware, paying little mind to age detail or condition and work to keep e-waste from entering landfill. We re-use however much of the materials gave or arranged as could reasonably be expected in our try to bolster individuals through our IT Sales and Services regions. eRecure totally claims commitments towards tendered items and administrations. We take full responsibility for whole gathering, information eradicating and reusing process ensuring responsive administration and correspondence. As a piece of eRecure natural duty, we are reusing electronic waste through our Recycle and Reward Program.

eRecure center end of chain movement includes the recuperation of fund from electronic scrap through a remarkable procedure. Such a procedure contrasts from conventional strategies for recuperation, for example, destroying, which are moderately high capital operation, high vitality and high natural contamination. We give ICT equipment transfer and decommissioning benefits across the nation including country and remote zones. Our distribution center is deliberately intended to address the issue of operations. It’s outlined in a manner that it has the ability and ability to give two distinctive sorts of administration inside one configuration. Our reason is worked to wipe out a danger connected with the business. We have major logistic organization on board to serve the remote zones for gathering and with our own particular truck armadas we offer pick-ups for metro zones broadly.

We lead in the vehicle and administration of utilized IT equipment and legitimate transfer through fitting earth sound channels. Gathered things are noticeable to customers utilizing our secured Online following framework they see all the charges, expenses and process in point of interest. Information security and 3 or 7 Pass Wipe is done utilizing ISO 9001 certify programming. All the advantage labels and stickers are expelled from the equipment to ensure the likelihood of any future criminal or common activity. eRecure uses particularly focused on special channels in light of thing condition evaluation and interest. An as of late led review turned out to be 30-40% better regarding giving the most noteworthy money related return when contrasted with different merchants. eRecure Recycling is a piece of eRecure Group of Companies headquartered in USA with operations in a few areas all through the world.

Group of eRecure is resolved to convey the best results round the clock and prepared to satisfy client necessities on open occasions with no additional charges. It’s simply one more way we care for our customers. eRecure Business Solutions helps organizations who need to react to the test of arranging and conveying IT items in a mind boggling and changing business environment. We do this by working with our customers to recognize the most critical business result we have to convey, then by planning the projects of work that will affect the procedures, individuals and innovation to convey those results. We comprehend the significance of overseeing individuals and procedure change to convey business advantages effectively.

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