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eRecure is the largest PC refurbishment and Secure IT Recycling business in USA. Yet to most IT businesses, focusing on decommissioning IT assets which have run their lease dates and re-marketing quality refurbished IT product to the marketplace would normally be considered an unimportant, behind-the-scenes activity. eRecure has found a unique place in what many say is an over-supplied technology marketplace.

The PC refurbishment business, has recently attracted what some might feel is the wrong kind of publicity (if there is such a thing). But eRecure Recycling operations manager, Arya Sam insists the company is proof that PC refurbishing is a serious and profitable business.

eRecure Recycling has its head office in USA. Company has a big warehouse, which provides storage facilities going up four pallet rack levels high.

In addition to products coming off lease, eRecure also buys old stock from organizations wishing to update their technology.

“The services that eRecure offer are increasing in demand because so many organizations today are leasing their IT equipment – PCs, laptops, servers, printers and even scanners,” Arya said.

eRecure follows a streamlined refurbishment process. On arrival, serial number, model number and brand detail is captured. The PC is then given a new identity by eRecure barcode number. All specification details are then noted and the product is ready to move into its 24-hour diagnostic test. An extensive cleaning process follows. “We spent months identifying the best way of cleaning the products. They are securely packed in readiness to find a new home out in the market,” Arya said.

The in-house software that captures the critical specifications and data took months to develop. “We have developed an online electronic refurbishment application which is hooked up to a number of Global IT Finance personnel.

eRecure has an agreement with financing companies to undertake all the refurbishment work for products that come off lease. The equipment coming off lease includes various brands of PCs, Compaq notebooks and printers. And it has recently renegotiated its contract with Government Departments. “eRecure has proved to us its solid capability in the refurbishment market. Our audit results revealed a high standard in all key performance indicators,” said Nick Ryan, general manager of Global IT Financing.

Nick believes the remarketing market will continue to grow strongly. Company has closed books this year with 18 per cent more units being refurbished and sold than forecast.

“This coming financial year we are growing the business by 100 per cent refurbishing and selling more than 700,000 units,” said Arya. Manager said that most of the product finds its way to the home user, but there are exceptions. For example, large companies may use refurbished PCs to maintain a standard PC model, Arya added.

The future looks bright. eRecure team is working towards an online system to communicate and take orders as well as provide “information to those wanting to know more about the exciting world of refurbished technology”.



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